So, you’ve made it past your first year as a freshman on the beautiful, University of Akron campus. Congratulations! Your first year of college is an exciting time, characterized by adventure, late nights, writing papers at the last minute, collaborating with classmates on group projects, and ideally, fun. Time and time again, college grads will tell you that a good portion of the value of the college experience is in the experience. Of course, you’re attending college here in Akron to further your education and pursue a successful career in a field you’re passionate about.

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As the experts of University of Akron off-campus housing, EnVision Apartments, fully supports your choice to join our fellow Akron Zips! Offering roughly 200 undergraduate majors and more than 100 graduate majors, the University of Akron is a fantastic school to attend. Whether you’re focusing on polymers and advanced materials or medical sciences, we want you to enjoy your time and have a successful undergraduate (or graduate!) experience.

Call us biased, but EnVision Apartments thinks that where you live during your time at the University of Akron matters. You’re sure to be spending a lot of time on campus studying away at Bierce Library or the student union, but long hours on campus eventually lead to burnout. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk across the street to a place that you can call your own? Roommates notwithstanding, of course, it is nice to graduate from the freshman dorms.

Whether you’re interested in a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom floor plan, the EnVision Apartments offer the best value in apartments near the University of Akron. From included utility plans with no utility caps to granite countertops and wood floors, there’s no wonder that countless students prefer us as the University of Akron off-campus housing professionals. Drop us a line today to learn more!

Below, we’re going to cover a number of practical tips to help out the average University of Akron student. From penny pinching to time management and other tips and tricks, college doesn’t have to be as stressful as some people make it out to be. So, take a break from your chemistry books and get cracking on these tips!

Attend Your Classes

Not to sound like a nagging parent, but let’s begin with some simple and obvious advice: please, just go to class. Even if you’ve had one too many the night before, you’re only two weeks into the semester and you’re questioning the fact that you’ve signed up for an 8 am course, just think about how much you’re paying for the education experience. Cutting class is like throwing money away, in a sense. Plus, you never know when your professor will randomly drop a crucial test hint or give out extra credit for attendance. Who knows, maybe they’ll even show up in their pajamas thinking that they were dressed and ready for the day. Perhaps they’re the one who had one too many the night before in the spirit of giving it the “ol’ college try.”


Get To Know Your Professors

Don’t be shy. We know that a massive lecture hall is pretty intimidating, but really, it doesn’t hurt to walk up after class is dismissed and introduce yourself to your professor. By exchanging some pleasantries and expressing your passion for the subject material or asking specific questions about lecture content, you’re making a positive impression on them. If your class is massive and it’s hard to get facetime with your professor,  get to know your teacher’s assistants (TAs). TAs, like professors, were once in a similar spot as you, and showing that you really care about absorbing the material and doing well should go a long way to solidifying your academic success.

Utilize On-Campus Resources

If you’re a registered student here at the University of Akron, you are paying tuition. There’s just no way around it. Why not get optimal value out of your college experience? There’s an untold number of students who waste a good amount of their tuition and dues by not using any of the free resources available to them. Every college campus has a career center, for example, and this is a great place to get your major track figured out as well as to prepare for pre-graduate employment.

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Tread Carefully When Living With Friends

Offering 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, at EnVision Apartments have seen our fair share of interesting roommate dynamics. Moving in with a long-time friend might be a dream come true for the first few months of your living situation, but eventually, you’ll come to discover what you don’t like about them, mainly due to your constant close proximity. Perhaps we’re being pessimistic about friends living with friends, but we’re also being realistic. If it’s a matter of practicality and moving in with someone you trust then, by all means, move in with a good friend – just make sure to spend at least some time away from each other. After all, you are independent adults, not two people conjoined at the hip.

It’s Okay Not To Know The Answer

If you knew all the answers, what would be the point of going to school in the first place? Even if you’re not sure what you want to study or major in, don’t sweat it. You’ll eventually find your place, and taking certain classes will most likely lead you to other classes that you actually enjoy or find intellectually stimulating. Really, you’re still a young college student; there are many people much older than you out there who still aren’t sure what they want to do career-wise. Some older citizens even return to college after their career wanting to do something different! Accept that plans change and that it’s completely fine to say, “I don’t know.”

Take Care Of Yourself

We don’t care if it’s the middle of finals week – you still need to shower, eat, and hydrate accordingly. Sure, no one is going to judge you for wearing baggy sweatpants to your last few final exams, but above all else, make sure that you are taking good care of your physical health. That means you should be eating healthy, moderately exercising at least a few times a week, and getting some healthy socializing in as well. It’s easy to get “lost in the books,” but remember that you can’t study very effectively when you’re sick.

Moderate Your Coffee Intake

Not unlike today’s workforce (and even the United States workforce of 50 years ago), caffeine fuels productivity and makes things happen as a student. However, too much caffeine will make you jittery, give you anxiety, and make it difficult to focus on the task at hand. When it comes to studying, comprehending, and absorbing material, you need to be completely focused and minimize distractions to do the best job that you can. Of course, if you’re like most college students and you’re hopelessly addicted to that morning cup of joe, first off, we’re not going to judge you – at least drinking massive quantities of coffee can lead to bouts of productivity. Second, you might as well invest in a decent coffee maker if you don’t already have one. Basic coffee makers are quite cheap, and all of those fancy mocha-peppermint-java-whatevers add up quickly.


Where You Live During College Matters

It’s Okay To Drop The Books And Go Out

As we mentioned above, college is more about the overall experience rather than cramming your brain full of information every possible second. You’re sure to have your fair share of all-nighters preparing for a final exam or finishing a paper, but when life presents you with opportunities to go out and have fun, think twice before saying no. Think about it: there’s always the chance to pick up your books and pour over material on campus, but what kind of story does that make? We’re not saying that you should be reckless and party nonstop until you’re hospitalized or anything like that, but if you’re invited to something and it seems meant to be, then it probably is. It’s all about finding that careful balance between hard work and fun.

Be Willing To Try New Things

College campuses, and the community of people that represent them, are anything but homogenous. By this, we mean that places like the University of Akron are full of diversity. You have many people speaking different languages from different countries around the world, many student clubs catering to different interests, and practically a million ways to spend your time outside-of-the-box. If everyone else was just like you, would you really be growing and learning during your college experience? It’s when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zones that we truly flourish and develop as people. From approaching a homework assignment differently based on the suggestion of a classmate, to trying a new type of food you’ve never eaten before, many things are worth trying at least once. Get out there and push yourself!

Don’t Shut Your Parents Out

If your mom is annoyingly texting you every fifteen minutes with poorly-used emojis, it’s only because she cares about you and misses you. Empty nest syndrome is a real thing, and it’s important to respect and understand where your folks are coming from, because hey, maybe someday you’ll be in the same position as them. Assure them that you’re taking good care of yourself (you are living at the best apartments near the University of Akron, after all, so you’re in good hands!), keep them updated as to what’s been going on lately, and assure them that you’ll be back to do laundry and devour a real meal very soon. Trust us; they’ll appreciate it.

Strongly Consider An Internship

Though often unpaid (many people have strong reservations about this), an internship is a surefire way to generate professional experience and good connections that are relevant to your major or field of study. Some undergraduates try to graduate with two internships under their belt, which isn’t necessary to be successful but would definitely give you more than a leg up on the competition. Accruing relevant, professional experience comes down to being proactive and planning ahead, so once you’ve found a major track that you really enjoy and can see yourself being happy and successful in, network with professors, TAs, and your career center to search for internship opportunities. On-campus job fairs are also a good way to see what’s happening with current and future job markets.

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Get To Know The Campus

Many college campuses are huge, and the University of Akron is no exception. Too many graduates realize that there are several buildings that they have never entered or didn’t even know existed! Seriously, if you’ve completed your time in the freshman dorms and you’re still unfamiliar with the campus layout, just take a few hours and go for a nice, long walk. If your friends ask you where the career center or main cafeteria is and no one knows the answer, then you’re doing it wrong. Also, get to know the city of Akron itself, because college towns are generally well-intertwined between the campus and the surrounding city.

Register For Classes Early

How could we almost forget? Avoid some of the typical early-semester mistakes by registering for the courses you want as soon as you can. The anxiety of being put on a waitlist to officially make it into a course roster is second to none, and missing out on a particular course could mean the difference between an extra semester or summer courses. It’s always better to stay on top of things and get your courses lined up ahead of time.

Our University of Akron Off-Campus Housing Experts Would Like to Thank You For Reading

Clearly, there is so much to think about when it comes to being a college student here at the University of Akron. Between balancing studying, your social life, work and a myriad of other responsibilities, it can be hard to put a lot of thought into your off-campus living situation. Fortunately, the EnVision Apartments are here for you. Conveniently located right across from campus, we’re excited to have you here. Learn more about our quiet and green-minded University of Akron off-campus housing today by contacting us!