Spring is a wonderful time of year. It’s getting warmer out every day, the sun is beginning to shine, and you are opening your windows and letting in a light breeze for the first time in months. Now that Spring is upon us, it’s time to buckle down and get some spring cleaning done to ensure that you have a clean and fresh apartment for the coming summer season.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss a few tips to help get you motivated, moving, and started with your Spring cleaning. Continue reading to learn more, and if you are looking for a new apartment in Akron, take a look at our fully furnished, pet-friendly apartments at EnVision Apartments. Contact us today to take a tour.

Make a Schedule

Spring cleaning can be a large task, especially if you plan on deep cleaning everything in your Akron apartment. Making a schedule and breaking down big cleaning projects into more manageable parts makes spring cleaning easier and quicker. For instance, you could make a schedule that has you cleaning the living room one day, the bedroom the next, and then the bathroom and kitchen. You can split up your cleaning in any way that works best for you. 

Use a Checklist

Make a checklist that includes everything that you need to clean in each room. In addition to ensuring that you don’t miss anything, checking things off your list as you go allows you to see how much you’ve accomplished. Checklists help keep us motivated. Also, breaking things down into smaller tasks makes it easier to create a cleaning schedule.

Work from Top to Bottom

Working from the top of your Akron apartment to the bottom ensures that you are working smarter and not harder. For instance, if you are cleaning the kitchen and you start with the tops of the cabinets and refrigerator, if debris falls, it will land on the counter or floor, which you have yet to clean. If you work out of order, you’ll find yourself cleaning the same area multiple times. 

Work With Your Roommates

If you live with roommates in your Akron apartment, make sure you involve them in the spring cleaning. You can’t expect them to see you cleaning and want to jump in and help, although that would be nice. Talk to them while you are making the cleaning schedule and checklist. Everyone can take care of their own rooms and you can split up the cleaning projects in the common areas. When everyone works together, not only is everyone held accountable, but your spring cleaning will get done faster. 

Buy or Make New All-Natural Cleaning Products

Shopping, even for cleaning products, can help get you motivated for spring cleaning. And looking up new recipes for homemade, natural cleaning products can be fun as well. All-natural cleaning products don’t contain any chemicals or artificial fragrances so you won’t find yourself having to air out your apartment while you clean. 

Decide what types of cleaning products that you’ll need to clean your apartment and make a list. When you go to the store, try to find all-natural cleaning products so that you aren’t breathing in that toxic chemical smell. 

There are also plenty of natural cleaning product recipes online that use simple household ingredients and essential oils. Making your own products will save you money, smell great, and ensure that you know exactly what you are using to clean. 

Decorate for the Coming Summer

A great way to motivate yourself is to decorate while you clean. The summer is almost here and that means bright colors. While you’re cleaning, either get out summer decorations that you already own or go shopping for some new decor, candles, and even some flowers to brighten the place up. Every time you clean a room, you can take away the winter decorations and replace them with something summery and bright. 

Motivate Yourself With a Reward

If you need help with motivating yourself to clean your apartment, plan a reward at the end. You and your roommates could go out for brunch or celebrate at home, whichever you prefer. Just make sure that before you get the reward that you really finished all of the cleaning on your list. 

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