There are many benefits to living with a roommate such as cheaper rent, having someone to share the chores with, and companionship. For these reasons, and others, many individuals choose to live with a roommate at EnVision Apartments. 

While living with a roommate can be an enjoyable experience and a chance to make a new lifelong friend, there are certain rules of etiquette that should be followed. In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss some of these rules so that you can enjoy a happy, healthy relationship with your roommate. Read on to learn more, and if you are searching for luxury apartments in Akron, look no further than EnVision Apartments. Schedule a tour today. 

Start By Establishing Basic Ground Rules

In order to have a good roommate relationship, you’ll want to start by establishing some basic ground rules. These rules will help you better understand your roommate’s habits and how much personal space they need, as well as their feelings on sharing. You can also use this time to discuss cleaning routines. 

Respect Your Roommate’s Space

While the kitchen and living room are common areas, you should always ask before entering or using space that is not shared, such as your roommate’s bedroom, bathroom, or office space. While you may have a great sharing relationship, in order to keep it that way, you should always ask before entering your roommate’s private space.

Always Ask Before Borrowing

Whether it’s a laptop, movie, or something larger like your roommate’s car, you should always, always ask before borrowing any of their things. And likewise, your roommate should make it a point to inquire before borrowing any of your items. If there are some items that the two of you would like to consider shared property, you can discuss this while setting your ground rules. 

Clean Up After Yourself

For the most part, your space is your space. As long as you aren’t attracting pests with the mess in your bedroom, that shouldn’t be something that your roommate is concerned with. However, in shared spaces, you should always make the effort to clean up after yourself. Remember when you were little, and you were taught to clean up one activity before starting another? That is actually great advice to follow when living with roommates as well. 

Check Before Inviting Guests

After a long day of classes or work, the last thing that you may want to come home to is a loud apartment. If you feel this way, your roommate probably does as well. If you plan on having guests over, shoot your roommate a text and ask how they feel about it. If you’re planning a larger gettogether, you can discuss dates and times that work best for both of you before sending out invites. 

Respect Your Roommate’s Food

This is probably one of the most common topics of debate between roommates. It’s important that you set ground rules here especially. Are there certain foods that you don’t mind sharing? Are there others that are completely off limits? If you eat something that belongs to your roommate, should you replace it for them? Every roommate relationship is going to be different, so it’s essential that you understand your roommate’s boundaries, as well as your own. 

Be Open to Discussion

While setting ground rules and respecting boundaries can help to alleviate some difficulties between roommates, chances are eventually you will have a disagreement about something or another problem will arise. During this time, it’s important that you are both open to having an honest discussion. During this talk, try not to take anything too personally, and just work with your roommate to find a solution that works for both of you. 

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