In the next 24 hours it will be the beginning of a new year: 2020! For most of us, a new year is an opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to achieve new goals. While New Year’s resolutions may seem like a cliche, there’s a lot of good that can come from them! Whether you’ve been struggling to determine what it is that you’d like to set as your New Year’s resolution or you need some help getting those creative juices flowing, keep reading! 

The team at EnVision Apartments is going to share a few of the New Year’s resolutions that our staff has set so that you can, at the very least, get a starting point on creating yours. Let’s dive in!

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Spend More Time on School

This is a New Year’s resolution that just about all of us could probably commit to, to some extent, in 2020. School is the entire reason that we are all here in the first place, so it only makes sense that we at least take the time to build a strong foundation for our future. While the school setup isn’t necessarily for everyone, at least dedicate this next year to finding something that you’re truly passionate about! Finding a major that you love turns into earning a degree that you are proud of that winds up helping you land the job of your dreams. Little steps make all the difference!

Focus on Health

A New Year’s resolution that so many of us start the year with is losing weight or getting fit. Focusing on health is something that many of us here at EnVision Apartments want to do, and it’s not solely in the form of losing weight. For some of us, learning how to cook and prepare healthy meals that we enjoy is our New Year’s resolution. For others, getting back into the groove of a sport we grew up playing or a workout regimine we’ve followed for years is what we’d like to achieve in 2002. Whether you’re wanting to learn about fitness or get back into your routine, living a healthier lifestyle is another resolution all of us could benefit from!

Prioritizing Happiness

In 2020, our staff wants to prioritize happiness. Mental health is a serious issue now, and college students can be especially hard on themselves. So, whether you’re looking for one individual New Year’s resolution to make or you already have a long list of goals that you’ve set for yourself, promise us this: that you’ll commit to prioritizing your happiness in this new year. Whether that means exercising and going to the gym, spending more time practicing your creative craft, planning a trip overseas, getting together more frequently with friends, or calling back home more often than you did this last year, make sure that you do whatever you need to maintain your happiness. Everything else that seems so crucial in the moment, the reality is, it can wait! 

Our staff is always here to help with any apartment issues that you’re struggling with and is dedicated to providing you with a great experience while living at EnVision Apartments in Akron. Make sure that you’re safe if you’re heading out on the town to celebrate New Year’s!

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