In 2020, celebrating the holiday season is sure to look different. If you’re used to going to large gatherings with family and friends or attending dinner in large groups at restaurants, it probably seems like your holiday season is missing something this year. But it doesn’t have to feel that way. Remember, this is only one holiday, and by practicing safe celebrating, you can help to keep yourself and your family safe so that you can enjoy a huge celebration next year. 

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss a few things that you can do to make your holiday season more enjoyable and a bit less stressful this year. Continue reading to learn more and if you are in need of an apartment for rent in Akron, consider Envision Apartments. Our luxury apartments are conveniently located across the street from the University of Akron and offer a whole host of amazing amenities. Contact our team today to schedule a tour of our pet-friendly apartments. 

Have Fun Decorating

One of the festive things that you can do during this holiday season where you shouldn’t have many concerns about coming into contact with COVID is decorating. Just because you may not be able to spend as much time out with family and friends eating at your favorite restaurants, ice skating, or doing some of the normal holiday activities that the pandemic has put on hold, doesn’t mean you can’t turn your Akron apartment into a winter wonderland. 

Prepare for Guests

During the pandemic, we’ve all created a much more tight niche group of friends and family members that are considered inside of your COVID bubble. This usually includes your roommates and maybe some nearby family members. It’s recommended that you keep your holiday gatherings small, and you can even consider having anyone you’re inviting quarantine for two weeks before the holiday festivities to lower everyone’s risk. After you’ve decided on a safe way to have guests, even if they are just your own roommates, it’s important to get the apartment clean, finish decorating, and start planning out your meals.

Plan Out Your Meals

The holiday season can be hectic. But if you plan ahead of time, you can ease some of your concerns and stress. Decide which meals you’ll be cooking at home, and make a list. You can then use your menu to create a grocery list. Try to get your shopping done a few days early this year. With the pandemic, almost everyone is staying home and cooking, so you want to make sure you try to avoid the rush and ensure that you can find all of the ingredients you need.

Celebrate Safely

The most important aspect of preparing for the holidays in 2020 is safety. There is nothing more important than keeping yourself and the ones you love safe — even if this means celebrating from different houses this year. Please keep in mind your relatives that may have an increased risk for severe illness from COVID due to age or preexisting conditions. Celebrating the holidays may have to look a little different this year. When all else fails, you can always “visit” your family remotely and plan for a bigger, in-person celebration next year.

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