Essential Penny Pinching Tips For College Students On A Budget

“I just had so much fun spending all of this extra money that I have leftover from tuition and day-to-day costs on a fancy meal and a clothes shopping spree this weekend. I can’t wait to do it again!” The sentence that you just read was said by practically no college student…ever. As nice as it would be, the reality for the vast majority of college students is that they must, for the most part, save money and penny pinch whenever possible. Whether that means following the ol’ college stereotype of eating ramen for 98 percent of your meals or going weeks on weeks without doing any laundry, there’s no doubt that most undergraduates (and graduate student alike) are living on the frugal dollar.

However, there are many clever and effective ways to stretch that frugal dollar as a busy college student. For starters, living at the best Akron apartments at the EnVision Apartments is a great way to get incredible value out of your off-campus college living situation. Here’s why.

Apartments For Rent In Akron, Ohio With Your Interests In Mind

From former and current University of Akron students to you — another member of the University of Akron — we understand the college struggle. To take out all of the unnecessary college housing stress, the EnVision Apartments provide easy, hassle-free answers to these types of questions that college students frequently ask:

  • Where am I going to live after I’m done living in the dorms?
  • How can I find a place that’s within walking distance of campus?
  • Where will my pet go if my rental doesn’t allow cats or dogs?
  • How much will utilities be at my new place? Will I be overpaying?
  • How can I find a place that’s comfortable, nice, and well-equipped without extremely high rent prices?

Of course, for just about any typical undergraduate or graduate student, these types of questions are probably near the bottom of the totem people, and they’re among hundreds and hundreds of other questions. Our point? College students have enough to worry about as it is. The last thing that should be on your mind is navigating various apartments for rent in Akron, Ohio. The choice is simple: the EnVision Apartments across from the University of Akron offer unparalleled value and convenience for busy students like you to help you excel during your time in Akron.

At the EnVision Apartments, enjoy generous amenities and features including:

  • Secure electronic entry access
  • Ultra high-speed internet
  • Granite countertops and wood flooring
  • All utilities paid with NO utility caps
  • Cat and dog-friendly units
  • On-site parking
  • High-end kitchens with modern appliances
  • A state-of-the-art fitness center
  • A location just steps away from campus
  • Maggie’s Place internet cafe and community gathering area
  • And so much more — all we’re missing is you!

At this point, we’ll stop tooting our own horns. However, we will assert that your off-campus college living situation truly matters, and can help shape your overall college experience. Why not make your time at the University of Akron the best that it can possibly be by living at the EnVision Apartments?

Schedule a tour to check out our student apartments for yourself, or feel free to apply online if you’re ready to make a move. We’re excited to see you!

Below, read up on a few frugal tips designed just for college students like you.

Take Advantage Of Anything For Free On-Campus

Did someone say…free? In terms of food, swag, or anything else of value, it doesn’t get much better than free. Sure, your mother taught you not to accept free candy from a stranger, but what about campus officials or the leader of a student-run club? Even if you’re not interested in joining the latest niche student organization, hey, if they’re having a free pizza night, at least hear out what they have to say.

By accepting a number of free items (especially food!) over time, you’d be surprised at how much this value will add up into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you’re quite the scavenger.

The Best Value Right Next To The University of Akron

Make Your Own Coffee At Home

Enjoy coffee? Need it to get through the day, pull an all-nighter at the library, or just to make it to that dreaded 8 am on time? Don’t get stuck in line at the campus Starbucks overpaying for a simple cup of coffee. Instead, make an entire pot at home for a fraction of the cost! Consider splitting the bill on a fancy, brand new coffee maker with your roommates to brew some truly quality joe in the morning. Timed, automatic coffee machines are sure to help you rise out of bed thanks to the sweet smell of fresh coffee.

Buy Your Textbooks Used, Or Buy Them From A Friend

Brand new textbooks are…well, not for the frugal-minded. If you’ve gone through your freshman year at the University of Akron, then we shouldn’t even have to remind you how expensive textbooks are. Used textbooks are considerably less expensive than their new counterparts, and buying from a friend who’s just going to sell it back to the bookstore for pennies on the dollar also serves as a great win-win textbook purchase option.

Use Student Resources To Your Advantage

Generally, your tuition costs tend to include access to most facilities and resources on campus — including a bus pass. Use these free (or, should we say, prepaid for) student resources! Otherwise, your tuition dollars and even scholarships are effectively or at least partially going to waste. If you’re already paying a fair chunk of change for your college experience, you may as well get good value out of it. In turn, this will help you save money that you would otherwise spend on things that you can get “for free” on campus.

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