After a long night spent at the library cramming your brain full of information for an upcoming exam, if you carefully hover your hand above your head, you might be able to feel the steam coming out of your brain. We joke, but when it comes to how hard students study and push their brains all for the sake of learning and career preparement, our hypothetical scenario isn’t that far from the truth.

Have you ever felt your brain pounding from all of the academic stress and pressure? That could very well be from the lack of water (and the excess coffee) you’ve been drinking, as well as the lack of quality nutrition that you’ve been putting into your body as you go into super-study mode. Either way, you’re here on our college apartments blog, so just know that you’re not alone when it comes to school-related stress.

Akron Apartments Dedicated To Your Success As A College Student

It’s true that we can’t hold your hand throughout college, or sit beside you to help relieve stress as you’re studying. However, as the premier Akron apartments situated right across the street from the University of Akron, what the EnVision Apartments can do is provide students like you with a nearby, high-quality, stress-free off campus living situation. When you already have plenty of worry about as an ambitious college student, enjoying a convenient living situation is practically worth its weight in gold!

We’re here to support our fellow University of Akron students. That’s why in this blog post, we’re covering some key stress management tips designed just for college students like you. Read below to learn more, or feel free to discover the EnVision lifestyle here and “envision” yourself at our Akron apartments!

Take Breaks!

Right off the bat, the most important stress management advice that we can provide is to give yourself a beak — or many breaks, depending on how hard and how long you’re working for. When you bury your face in a textbook and pan through a study guide for hours and hours on end without so much as a semblance of a break, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Instead, you’ll get burnt out very quickly and find yourself stumbling over the same sentence.

By removing yourself from your studies for even just a few minutes every hour, you’ll come back feeling refreshed and better able to tackle what’s in front of you.

Don’t Put Things Off

It’s true that some of your best work is completed under pressure, but it’s also true that procrastination leads to a lot of stress. As you study your way into a professional career, you’ll find that this rings even truer than it does right now as a college student! By scheduling out your time accordingly and making sure that you can finish what needs to be done well before the due date, you can rest easy knowing that you don’t need to rush an assignment or cram something in. Plus, the feeling of getting something done ahead of time and being able to relax a little bit afterward can be incredibly rewarding.

Express Yourself

Do you enjoy writing? Maintain a daily journal. Are you a music creative? Bust out an instrument and play it. By doing what you like and providing a creative outlet for your stress, you’ll do the very opposite of bottling your feelings in and letting the academic stress consume you. Instead, you’ll feel relieved by expressing your emotions, thoughts and feelings through a medium that you truly like.

Don’t Forget To Exercise

Exercise is truly one of the best ways to naturally blow off some steam — all while doing something that’s healthy for your body and your mind! When we exercise, the brain gives off endorphins which naturally make us feel good. It’s not unheard of for exercise to provide meditative benefits for just about anyone coming into a workout feeling stressed out. Seriously, get moving more often if you’re not already. You won’t regret it.

Where You Live During College Matters

Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Sleep

What good is pulling an all-nighter before a major exam if you’re too tired to recall any of the material that you’ve just studied? Neglecting your body’s need for sleep just doesn’t make any sense, and skipping sleep in the name of academia is a poor justification. Sleep deprivation can cause or even just exacerbate a number of mental and physical problems, and ultimately, increase your stress levels.

Give your body and your mind some time to rest and you’ll benefit as a result.

Unwind With The Power Of Humor

When we laugh, it makes us feel good. It’s really that simple. Whether that means going to a local comedy show or just looking up some funny clips on YouTube, taking a few moments to share some laughs among yourself or with some friends is a surprising novel but effective way to relieve your academic stress. Consider incorporating humor into your breaks as you study! Just make sure not to laugh out loud too hard when you’re studying at the otherwise quiet library.

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When you’re off campus, relish the fact that you’re coming home to an amazing student apartment. To us here at the EnVision Apartments, that’s what every college student deserves. Take your first step toward our Akron apartments by scheduling a tour today!