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“If my roommate doesn’t turn down the music on his 1000w speaker system, then I’m about to seriously lose my cool,” you think to yourself as the bass drones on and protrudes through your not-so-noise-cancelling headphones. As you’re cramming your brain full of last-minute knowledge the night before your big physics midterm, you realize that perhaps studying at home isn’t the best idea — well, at least when your roommates are around.

“Does she even study?” you continue to think to yourself. As the pent-up passive-aggressive feelings toward your roommate continue to swell deep inside you, you’re wondering why they’re living in our Akron apartments and “studying” at the University of Akron in the first place.

Finding The Peace And Quiet You Deserve At Our Akron Apartments

If the above situation is all-too-relatable for you, believe us — we understand the frustration of finding a quiet, focused place to study. That’s why the EnVision Apartments are located right across the street from the University of Akron. Knowing that students want easy access to and from campus, we take pride in providing students like you with an enjoyable living situation that enables you to walk just about everywhere. No cars required!

If affordable rent, great amenities, an incredible location in Akron, no utility caps, furnished apartments, the best WiFi around campus, and an eco-friendly environment are of value to you, then look no further than the EnVision Apartments. Schedule a tour for our Akron apartments now to lock down on a truly amazing living situation before next semester begins!

Let’s take a look at some great studying places and ideas to help you find a spot (or multiple spots) where you can really concentrate and get some important schoolwork done.

On Campus: At The Library

“Wow, really?” you’re thinking. Yes, we really that this is an extremely obvious answer and probably the most logical place to get some studying done. However, that’s all for a good reason: studying at the library just plain works. It’s quiet, focused, and there are plenty of other students in the area who have the exact same intentions as yourself. Heck, if anyone is being a disturbance, they’ll be “shushed” so hard that their shame will drive them right out of the main library doors.

So, while studying at the library isn’t exactly original, it is a tried-and-true place to get work done. Just don’t spend so long at the library that you neglect your body’s need to eat and sleep!

At A Local Coffee Shop

This certainly won’t be the quietest or most focused environment when you consider the sharp noises of coffee being ground up for patrons to enjoy, but for those who can focus and read when there are distractions around them, it’s not a bad idea to post up near the back and settle in for a few hours of bookworming. Even better, the tip-tap noises of typing on your keyboard makes coffee shops a great place to write papers as you’re not distracting those around you at an uber quiet place like the library.

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Outside In A Grassy Area

Why not? We’ll shake this one up a little bit if you’ll allow our Akron apartments to be a little cheesy here: have an academic picnic. Bring a blanket and some simple lunch items to campus and spread out with your textbooks, pouring over pages of notes as you soak up the sun. Now, again, this won’t be the most focused environment that’s conducive to effective studying, but if you’ve spent too much time indoors and you just miss the sun, then why not study in it? If you’re at the library, at least take a few breaks here and there and go hang out in the sun. The natural Vitamin D is good for you, and will help you return your studies feeling refreshed and re-energized.

Studying In Your Bed

As far as comfortable studying spots go, it’s pretty hard to beat your bed. However, it’s also fairly easy to get distracted in an environment that you’re so familiar with — and one that you already spend so much time in. If your roommates are away, then consider taking advantage of your entire Akron apartment. Utilize common spaces and enjoy a true sense of peace and quiet, like a library at home.

Really though, studying in your own bed is a great way to cram in some vital last minute knowledge before an exam the following morning, but just make sure that you know when to stop studying and fall asleep.

With Your Professor During Office Hours

Depending on how much time your professor has available, visiting them during their office hours is an invaluable way to spend your time preparing for an exam. Not only does this show that you really care about excelling in their class, but you’re also going straight to the main source of information in your class. Who could be more credible than your professor? Teachers Assistants (TAs) are also great people to study with. We’ll admit that you probably can’t study in your bed with these individuals, but consider setting up a time at a nearby coffee shop or even our very own Maggie’s’ Place Internet cafe!

Enhance Your College Experience At Our Akron Apartments

Get the most out of your time here at the University of Akron and get the best of all worlds by living at the spacious EnVision Apartments. Contact us today about our Akron apartments!