It’s finally time for the final push. We’re almost there! As you’ve settled back in from Thanksgiving break, you may have looked at your giant pile of schoolwork and thought to yourself, “How do I even manage all of this?” Our two-word answer to this finals conundrum is an answer that nearly every college student would hate to hear: don’t procrastinate.

Take A Deep Breath — You Got This!

That’s right; effective schoolwork management comes down to a matter of time management. While it’s easy to become overwhelmed visualizing your workload, you shouldn’t try to tackle everything all at once because that’s just not going to work out very well. That’s why we’re dedicating today’s blog post to finals preparation to help University of Akron students like you have a successful rest of the semester and finish on a strong note!

It All Starts From Our Akron Apartments

At the end of a long, mentally-draining day spent between classes and the library, it pays to have a comfortable, nearby student apartment here in Akron. That’s exactly what the EnVision Apartments offer, and with our brand new website, we’re more excited than ever to help foster the academic success of the student community.

Let’s get started.

Capitalize On Thanksgiving Break

We know that you’ve since settled back into the flow of the semester since your long Thanksgiving weekend, but with only a few weeks in between Thanksgiving and the end of the semester, this proves that you have a much longer break right around the corner. Imagine how relaxing and wonderful your Thanksgiving break was, and use it as motivation (but not as a distraction) to make it through these next two weeks.

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Study In An Area That You Feel Comfortable In

It’s remarkable how your immediate environment can affect your ability to comprehend and memorize information efficiently. You could be studying for a physics final at home, but find that you’re actually much more productive (and less distracted) at the main library. For others, the opposite is the case.

Ultimately, your preferred studying environment comes down to a matter of personal preference, so do your work in a place where you know you’ll be focused and motivated. It doesn’t hurt to change up your study spot as well to keep things fresh!

Don’t Deprive Yourself Of Sleep

Pulling all-nighters is usually a result of procrastination, or just suddenly remembering that an assignment is due a lot sooner than you originally thought it was. We strongly recommend taking some time in your week to organize your schoolwork, prioritize assignments, projects, papers, and studying for exams based on the timing and rigor. Think to yourself: how well am I familiar with this material, what’s going to be covered, and how long is it going to take me to complete or fully understand something? College is more about time management than most students realize.

Stay Tuned For Part Two From Our Akron Apartments!

Our blog is intended to be a resource for University of Akron students, and we couldn’t think of a better topic than managing your stress in light of finals season. Questions? Contact the EnVision Apartments today.

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