As September comes to end and the cooler air begins to breeze through our town of Akron, this could only possibly mean one thing — Halloween is right around the corner! For those like us who love this time of year, it means we are getting ready to get in the Halloween mood by decorating our apartments with pumpkins, skeletons, spooky ghosts, and more. 

In today’s blog post from EnVision Apartments, we are going to discuss some Halloween decorating tips for your Akron apartment. Continue reading to learn more, and if you are searching for a new apartment in Akron that is loaded with amenities like granite countertops, free cable and internet, and an on-site fitness center, look no further than EnVision Apartments. Schedule a tour of our luxury apartments in Akron today. 

Set the Halloween Mood in Your Apartment With Colors

One of the easiest ways to start decorating for Halloween in your Akron apartment is to set the mood with your color choices. Try some orange throw pillows on your couch or maybe a black or purple tablecloth. Changing out the colors of some of the basic, year-round accessories in your home is a great way to start setting the Halloween mood in your apartment. 

Include Some Traditional Halloween Elements

If you decide to go shopping for some new Halloween decorations, there are sure to be a plethora of choices. Choose the decorations that speak to you, and remember if you want a homey, Halloween apartment that is slightly reminiscent of your childhood, try to include some traditional Halloween decorations. You could include some witches, ghosts, pumpkins, and skeletons to really make it feel like Halloween. 

Don’t Forget Your Balcony

At Envision Apartments in Akron, each tenant is lucky enough to enjoy a private balcony on their apartment — don’t forget to decorate outside for Halloween too! You could hang some spooky lights, decorate with cobwebs, or hang some skeletons off of your balcony for a scary effect. Your balcony is still a part of your apartment after all, and it’ll give your neighbors something to smile about. 

Have Fun With Hand-Carved Pumpkins

There aren’t many decorations that speak to the season better than a pumpkin. Take a trip to a local pumpkin patch or pick up a few pumpkins at the grocery store and enjoy a night of carving pumpkins with friends. When you are finished carving them, you can use them to decorate both inside and outside of your Akron apartment. 

Include Some Candy in Your Decorations

There isn’t anything that says “Halloween” quite as much as candy. Try to incorporate some Halloween candy into your decor to make your apartment a bit extra festive. You could also display a jar of candy corn or put out a Halloween-inspired dish full of everyone’s favorite chocolate covered peanut butter pumpkins. Whichever candy you decide to include in your decorations, make sure it’s one you enjoy or can hand out on Halloween night to Trick or Treaters. 

Create a Tablescape

If you are going to decorate your apartment for Halloween, you should most definitely decorate your kitchen table or breakfast bar to help celebrate the season. You can create a tablescape with some skeletons and witches or you could use some guards and miniature pumpkins so you can keep the decorations up through Thanksgiving. 

Don’t Forget to Include Your Furry Friend

While decorating your Akron apartment for Halloween, don’t forget to include your furry best friend in the excitement. Whether you have a dog or a cat, you can find a cute or scary costume for them or you can keep things simple and opt for an orange scarf or bandana to help get them in the Halloween mood. 

Enjoy Decorating Your Akron Apartment for Halloween

Are you searching for a new apartment in Akron? The luxury apartments at EnVision Apartments are perfect for decorating for Halloween and every other season. Our pet-friendly apartments are fully-furnished and include all of your necessary utilities in the price, plus you’ll receive free internet and cable. When it comes to searching for “apartments for rent in Akron” look no further than EnVision Apartments. Learn more about our amenities and floor plans and schedule a tour of our Akron apartments today.