Not unlike Thanksgiving break, the holiday break seems to pass by all too quickly for most students. And who could blame them? After a period of two or three intense weeks buckling down for finals, the steam rising from a student’s brain is practically visible. Truly, taking another few weeks off is worth its weight in stress-relieving gold.

Though we’re still in the midst of holiday break (enjoy it — we’ll be here for you when you return!), it’s a smart move to go into the next semester on both a refreshed and a prepared note. In light of New Year’s resolution season, EnVision Apartments, your source for student apartments near the University of Akron, would like to present a few ways to make the coming semester your best one yet.

Remember, collegiate success begins from where you’re living, and it only makes sense to live right next to campus! Complete with multiple floorplans and a convenient built-in cafe, our pet-friendly Akron apartments are the obvious way to go. Contact us today if you’re still in need of a great student apartment!

Here are a few effective ways to ensure a healthy and successful Spring 2019 semester.

Realize That Success Is All About Time Management

Though college is about acing your courses, completing credits, and achieving your degree (and hopefully you learned a few things along the way), it’s also about the experiences you have and discovering what you’re truly passionate about. College is also about managing your time effectively, because there are nearly infinite opportunities to do just about whatever, but only 24 hours in each day.

Consider downloading a free time management app or wearing a smartwatch that will help remind you what’s on your schedule and how to go about managing your time during each day.

Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Up And Ask Questions

You’re paying for your courses, and subsequently, your professor’s knowledge. To learn something, you’ll have to ask questions along the way, and you can’t always rely on someone else to ask it.

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Though it may seem like a tall order, don’t be embarrassed or shy to ask a question, even in a big lecture hall. It’s well within your business to do so as long as your question is relevant to the material at hand.

Socialize; Meet New People

In the same way that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions during class, don’t be afraid to be friendly and introduce yourself to people around you. You’re paying to be a part of a community full of intelligent, bright, and well-rounded individuals, so it couldn’t hurt to make a few connections along the way! Who knows who you’ll meet and what opportunities may arise as a result of who you’ve befriended.

EnVision Apartments — Your Home Away From Home

After spending time back home over the holidays, it’s important to find a great community of like-minded students and peers who are here to support you. At EnVision Apartments, we truly believe that we’re that community! If you need any assistance at all, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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