Another semester has passed us by. Not unlike any other semester, we’re sure that this one wasn’t easy for you. Marked by grueling, late night study sessions at the library, countless hours spent writing papers, and coordinating with classmates to finish group projects, we’re sure that reaching the end of the spring semester was nothing shy of an academic blessing. 

Spending Your Summer At Our Student Apartments In Akron

Students at the University of Akron tend to spend their summer days a few different ways. While some students continue to take summer courses to knock out those credits, others take an extended break by working part-time or full-time and simply relax, enjoying our lovely Akron summers. 

If you’re part of the latter, then you’ll want to make sure that you’re keeping your mind sharp so that you don’t “lose” all of that knowledge you gained back in the spring semester. Fortunately, EnVision Apartments at the University of Akron are here to help!

Keep reading below for several clever ways to exercise your brain this summer. If you have any questions about our pet-friendly student apartments in Akron, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time! 

How To Keep Your Brain On Its A-Game This Summer

Read, Read, Read

To learn and retain information in school, you’re constantly reading and listening. You’ve done plenty of required reading, but how often are you able to read “for fun”? Getting lost in an adventure novel or fascinating historical account can be very enjoyable, and it’s also a great way to reinforce your vocabulary. Consider setting a goal to read at least three to five books throughout the summer!

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Watch Worthwhile, Educational Content

When there’s nothing to do, it’s really easy to default to Netflix and binge watch a funny series. That’s perfectly fine in moderation, but don’t make it a habit this summer. Instead, try watching a documentary or even a documentary series. You’re sure to learn something, and even if it doesn’t apply to your major, it’s better than mindlessly tuning out. Plus, there are tons of great, informational choices out there. 


Yes, exercise offers many physical benefits, but it can also do wonders in terms of stimulating your brain. For many people, exercise can be meditative, helping clear the mind and ridding it of any clutter. A clear, healthy brain is necessary to retain information, so exercising is well worth your time. 

Play A Musical Instrument

Maybe you have some friends with an off-campus house, and they love to jam out with their instruments. Join them! Even if you’re not particularly musically inclined, banging on the drums or trying your hand at the guitar can be very beneficial to your brain. Music and the arts are proven to help promote clearer thinking and even better memory. 

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