Our Akron Apartments Lay These Classic Myths About College To Rest

If someone has ever told you that college was easy, or meant to be easy, then they’re flat-out wrong. College was designed to be challenging whether you’re a young undergraduate or a veteran graduate student. No one forced you to go to college, either – perhaps there was pressure or outside influence from friends or family, but ultimately, the decision to pursue higher education is a personal one, and one that you need to take responsibility for as a growing adult.

Embracing The College Experience

Perhaps that was a very serious way to start out today’s blog post. While serious and difficult, college should also serve as some of the most fun, enjoyable, and memorable years of your life! Academia was designed to push your brain to the limits by cramming knowledge and experience into a relatively short time frame of four to eight years, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy those four to eight years.

Spending The Best Years Of Your Life At The University of Akron

Now, at the same time, our apartments in Akron aren’t necessarily limiting the best years of your life to college – who knows what could happen later down the road? That’s a large part of the excitement of it all! Truly, the possibilities are endless. Setting yourself up for a successful and prosperous future later on in life, optimizing your college experience with great student apartment living is only going to help. At least, that’s our firm belief here at the EnVision Apartments.

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That’s right. Designed just for students like you, we’re located right across the street from the University of Akron, ensuring that you enjoy convenient access to school while also enjoying a quality-built apartment during those times of rest and relaxation away from campus. All in all, it’s our responsibility to make your time at the University of Akron the best time possible. Schedule a tour today to check out our Akron apartments for yourself!

If you’re going into your sophomore, junior, or senior year with any false preconceptions about college, this blog is just for you. To clear up some popular misconceptions about the college experience, we’re going to address some of these college myths in today’s blog post. Let’s get started.

Myth: It’s Bad If You Take Longer Than Four Years To Get Your Bachelor’s Degree

Did you know that the majority of undergraduates take longer than the “traditional” four years to receive their bachelor’s degree? While there’s nothing wrong with graduating in the standard four-year time frame, over half of undergraduate students tend to take five or more years to get everything done. Working part-time throughout college is a factor for many of these students.

Myth: College Is Purely About Academic And Intellectual Development

Yes, it’s true that learning is the main focus of the college experience – and the primary reason as to why you’re there in the first place. However, college is so much more than reading books, absorbing knowledge, and receiving good grades. It’s an experience! You’ll learn how to live on your own, be more independent and capable than you once thought possible, exercise your time management skills (this is so important!), and much, much more.

At the end of your time at the University of Akron, you’ll probably learn more about yourself than you did about your major.

Myth: My Grades Will Affect My Career Outcome

In the sense that if you fail your classes then you won’t receive your degree, then yes, this myth certainly has some truth to it. However, so long as you’ve earned your degree – regardless of what grades you received in each class to get there – that’s all that really matters, especially in the eyes of prospective employers. If you’re an overachiever and you’re fretting about the fact that you got a “B” or a “C” here and there, don’t. We’re not trying to encourage the whole “C’s get degrees” collegiate mantra because you should absolutely try your hardest during your time at the University of Akron. All we’re saying is to not lose sleep over a couple of points in your G.P.A.

Myth: Skipping Class Isn’t A Big Deal

Why miss out on valuable class time – especially when you’re paying for it? Missing class because you’re sick is one thing. Perhaps you’re up-to-date on the course material and you’re even following online from a remote location. These situations are perfectly fine, but our point stands that you should not make it a habit to cut class. This is especially is the case if any of your courses are heavily participation-based. The further along you are in your major, the smaller your class sizes are likely to be. The professor will notice when you’re not there!

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Myth: You Have To Pick The Right Major The First Time

Life offers mulligans and do-overs, and college is no exception. So, you find that your chosen major wasn’t what you thought it was going to be like, and you find no enjoyment or engagement with any of your courses, peers, or professors. Try something else! That’s part of the reason why college exists in the first place. This is the ideal time in your life where you should be exploring your strengths, improving upon your weaknesses, and developing a true sense of what you’d really like to do with your life. If your chosen major doesn’t work out initially, seriously, don’t sweat it.

Myth: Where You Live During College Doesn’t Matter

Did you see this one coming? Well, to set the record straight here, yes, where you live during college absolutely matters! Convenient access to campus and a stress-free living situation are key to achieving success as a busy college student with more important priorities than taking care of matters at home.

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