With the air warming and snow melting, the spring season is finally arriving. And, while for many of us, the change of seasons can mean spring cleaning, it can also be an opportunity to redecorate your apartment with a light, fresh touch and do away with the old, drab decorations of the winter.

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss a few spring decorating ideas that are perfect for your Akron apartment. Continue reading to learn more, and if you are searching for a luxury, pet-friendly apartment in Akron, look no further than EnVision Apartments. Contact us today to schedule a tour. 

Start With Some Fresh Plants and Flowers

Springtime is all about renewal and life. What better way to bring this feeling into your apartment than with fresh flowers or plants. Which plants or flowers you choose can be based on color preferences, ease of care, or even potential health benefits. For instance, if you don’t necessarily have a green thumb but enjoy live plants, you may want to choose a succulent. Or, if you are interested in plants that provide health benefits, you could try lavender for it’s calming properties or peace lilies if you want a plant that’s known for removing toxins from the air. 

Update Your Bedding

Your bedding sets the mood for your entire bedroom. During the winter, you might be okay with darker colors, but once the spring arrives, you’ll want to choose something with pretty pastels or brighter colors. 

Updating your bedding for the spring doesn’t just freshen up the look of your bedroom, but it serves another purpose as well. During the winter, you are likely to use heavy comforters and flannel sheets, but once the weather begins to warm, you’ll want to switch those cozy, warm bedding options for something a little bit lighter. 

Rearrange the Furniture

Another way to really freshen up your Akron apartment for the springtime is to rearrange your furniture. This gives you the opportunity to move your furniture into a configuration that might allow you to enjoy the natural light and beautiful spring weather a bit more. It may also open up additional decorating options depending on the layout of your apartment. 

Use Accents and Art to Add a Pop of Color

With the changing of the seasons, you’ll likely want to change the color palette in your living area. This can easily be achieved by switching out throw pillows, or their covers, bringing a lightly colored throw blanket out of storage, or finding a new favorite piece of art to add to your wall. 

EnVision Apartments – Luxury Apartments in Akron

We hope that today’s blog post gave you some ideas that are easily implemented to freshen up your Akron apartment and get it ready for the spring season. If you are currently looking for a new Akron apartment this spring, it’s time to consider EnVision Apartments. Our luxury apartments offer a long list of amenities including granite countertops, an onsite fitness center, free internet, and included utilities. Contact our team today to schedule a tour of our Akron apartments for rent.