Are you ready to move into a new apartment but are in need of a roommate? At many apartment communities like EnVision Apartment in Akron, you may be able to utilize roommate matching services. These services match you with someone to share an apartment with that has similar interests as you so that you can split the price of rent and still enjoy a luxury apartment.

Read on to learn more about how roommate matching works and if you are searching for a luxury apartment in Akron, look no further than EnVision Apartments. Schedule a tour and inquire about our roommate matching services today. 

How Does Roommate Matching Work?

When you choose to move into a new apartment, and you don’t have a roommate, but would like one, the apartment complex may offer a roommate matching service. You will usually fill out a questionnaire and be matched with someone else who is also searching for a roommate with similar likes, dislikes, and habits as you. If you are in school, your year may play a role in matching you with a roommate as well. For instance, a freshman is more likely to be matched with another freshman if one is available. Although other preferences play a role as well in roommate matching. 

The Benefits of Roommate Matching

Roommate matching can come with many benefits. You can live in a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate and pay less rent even if you are at the disadvantage of not knowing anyone in Akron. With roommate matching services, you may even find that you make a new friend. 

It’s Ideal If You Don’t Know Anyone in Akron

Roommate matching is ideal for those who are moving to a new area and would like to share an apartment, or need to, for financial reasons. It is also perfect for those who have been in the area for a while and just don’t know anyone in particular who is looking for an apartment at the same time as them. Roommate matching services like the one offered by EnVision Apartments in Akron will help match you with a roommate who may have similar habits, routines, and likes as you. 

You Pay Less Rent Each Month

When moving to a new apartment, you could decide to rent a one- or two-bedroom apartment on your own, but if you choose to live with a roommate, your rent will be cut in half. This is usually enticement enough to make people consider roommate matching services. 

You Are Matched Based Upon Similarities 

When you choose to use a roommate matching service, you aren’t just matched with the first person available. There is typically a pool of candidates that all have a similar move-in date as you. Normally, roommates are matched around the beginning of the fall semester. During this time, there are a large group of people moving into the apartment community at once, so it is more likely that you will be matched with someone who has common interests and habits as you.

You Could Make a New Friend

While it is true that you are always taking a chance when you choose to use a roommate matching service, there is also the possibility that you’ll make a new friend. Since you are matched on similarities like age, school year, study habits, and similar interests, there is a good chance that you won’t just be getting a new roommate, but also a new friend. 

You Forgo the Frustration of Deciding on a Roommate 

Moving is a stressful time, especially if you are preparing to start another school year as well. Using a roommate matching service could help alleviate some of the stress of moving. Rather than searching for a friend to live with or interviewing possible roommates on your own, the apartment community will find one for you so you can focus on other things like packing, moving, and decorating your new Akron apartment. 

Find Your New Roommate at EnVision Apartments

If you are searching for an affordable, pet-friendly apartment in Akron, look no further than EnVision Apartments. Our apartments are ideal for students and professionals alike. And whether you are a freshman, sophomore, or graduate, you can submit our roommate matching form and we’ll find a roommate for you for the coming year. Interested in learning more? Schedule a tour of our luxury Akron apartments for rent today.