The holidays are quickly approaching here in Akron which means that it’s time to start preparing for the trips back home to visit family. Between making sure that everything fits in your suitcase and preparing for finals, the last thing on your mind is the condition of your apartment. With that being said, there are a few things that you absolutely want to do before you leave your apartment for winter break — trust us! 

The team at EnVision Apartments has a handful of things for you to keep in mind as you get ready to leave. Not only will these quick and easy tasks keep your apartment in prime condition while you’re away, but they will ensure that it’s nice and cozy when you get back from vacation. Let’s get started.

#1: Set the Thermostat

Winter is known for being bitter cold here in Akron, and while there won’t be anyone physically in your apartment while you’re away for winter break, you want to make sure that you leave the heat on! Set your thermostat to 65 degrees so that you can save energy while still ensuring it’s warm enough so that your pipes don’t freeze. Trust us, pipes bursting is the last thing that either of us want to deal with during or after the holidays.

#2: Open Under-the-Sink Cabinets

As we just finished mentioning, frozen pipes are something that we’re trying to avoid. The pipes located under the sinks in your kitchen or your bathroom can be particularly vulnerable to cold temperatures, so open those cabinets up so they get more heat exposure.

#3: Lock Your Windows and Doors

This is something that we suggest doing really any time that you leave your apartment, but especially during the winter break. Before you head out to drive to your parents or get picked up by an Uber to head to the airport, make sure that all windows and doors are locked. As unfortunate as it is, there are many thieves that target houses and apartments during this time of year. Aside from that, make sure that you have all valuables stored away or that you take them with you.

#4: Leave a Light On

As silly as it may sound, leaving a light on is another thing that you can do to help reduce the likelihood of your apartment being targeted during this time of year. Apartments that look abandoned or empty are often the first places that someone will try and break into. If you have a smart light system set up in your apartment, set a timer on the app that way you can save energy while also having that added touch of security.

Enjoy Your Winter Break

The team at EnVision Apartments wants to wish you a happy holiday season! We hope that you all have a great break spent with family and friends, and we cannot wait to see you once you’re back. If you have any questions regarding office hours or the complex as a whole during the winter break, contact our office and a member of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.