Getting back into the swing of things might seem a bit challenging after spring break. Don’t worry, however, as this is completely natural — the whole idea behind spring break is to do exactly that, take a break. While this week off from classes is a great opportunity to either catch up or get ahead on some of your schoolwork, it’s better used to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate your mind and body to help you finish out the semester strong.

Maybe you went home and visited your folks over spring creek, or perhaps you just hung out in Akron and enjoyed the temporary quiet. Whatever you did, we truly hope that your time off was enjoyable!

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Now, it’s (unfortunately) time to transition back into the final academic long haul of the spring semester. Keep reading below for some great pointers on getting back into the academic mindset without burning out too quickly, courtesy of EnVision Apartments — your go-to source for conveniently located student apartments in Akron!

Getting Back Into School Mode

Focus On Rest And Relaxation

We’re sure (or we hope) that you got a ton of rest and relaxation in during your break; after all, that’s what the break is for. But don’t go diving back in headfirst when you’re back in town by scheduling tons of plans or going straight to the library. Allow yourself to ease back into the flow of the rest of the semester. Consider reading a novel for pleasure, playing some video games, or take advantage of good weather by going on a long walk or bike ride across Akron.

By diving in headfirst post-spring break, you’ll run the risk of burning out too quickly. Save that burnout feeling until after you’ve handed in your last final exam!

Establish Good Eating Habits

Maybe you let loose a little bit over spring break and ate unhealthily. Conversely, maybe you went home and ate healthy, home-cooked meals (aren’t those the best?). Whatever your spring break diet situation was, it’s important to focus on eating extra healthy over the next several weeks…or, ideally, for life. Of course, healthy eating is easier said than done, especially as a busy college student.

Our takeaway is that if you treat your body right, it’ll treat your brain right. What could be more integral to your collegiate success?

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Make It To Class, Even If They’re Optional

With only two more months left in the semester, now is the time to solidify your class attendance to ensure that you don’t miss anything important. Showing up to an optional class not only proves to your professor that you care, but you’re also getting full value of the tuition you’re paying. Really, cutting class is like throwing away money. Don’t do it!

Use A Daily Planner

We don’t care if your planner is a digital one or an old-school, pen-and-paper planner. Use it. As the days continue to fly by after spring break, you’ll find that your plans and obligations will continue to stack up. Keep your plans organized with a daily planner.

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