In today’s day and age, with the accessibility of reviews and ability for people to leave a review about nearly any product or service they patronize, reviews are more important than ever before. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive air mattress while shopping on Amazon or your parents are searching online for a reliable plumber in their area, the importance of reviews remains the same. Really, all it takes is a few search queries on sites like Google and bam, your research is done in a jif.

The Importance Of Online Reviews

So, when it comes to a scenario where you’re looking for a place to live and spend countless hours inhabiting, doing a little bit of studying in the way of researching your next potential off-campus living situation is more important than ever. Really, it makes sense when you think about it: we’re careful to exchange our hard-earned money for various goods and services, and spending even heftier chunks of change on a place of living is something most people want to be even more careful about. This is even truer for our sharp-as-a-tack University of Akron students out there.

Reviews About Our Akron Apartments

In light of the importance of reviews, The EnVision Apartments wanted to highlight a few students’ experiences living at our Akron apartments. The truth is, at the end of the day, we can toot our own horns and talk about how great and well-equipped our off-campus housing is — however true that may be — but the reality is that people’s experiences with us are just more credible. That’s why we’re highlighting these Google Reviews in today’s blog post!

If you’d still like to learn more about our Akron apartments and everything that we offer, our website is full of useful resources like our lifestyle page, apartment features page, and our convenient online application link. Of course, feel free to contact The EnVision Apartments directly with any questions.

Let’s get started.

Lisa Approved Of Her Entire Experience

Awesome facilities! Friendly staff, pristine apartments, nice atmosphere and super close to campus! A+ all the way!

-Lisa Devenport, Local Guide, 5 Stars

Thank you for the “A+ all the way,” Lisa! We especially appreciate the shining review coming from a local guide such as yourself. For those not in the know, Google designates this title to those who are certified locals and consider themselves experts of a particular locale. Local Guides literally guide visitors as they search for different restaurants, hotels, and other places to give their business. In the case of University of Akron students searching for the very best in Akron apartments, we thank you again, Lisa!

Helping Accommodate Kay During Her Time With Us

By far an excellent living experience. I have lived here for 3 years and couldn’t picture myself anywhere else. The staff has been wonderful and has successfully and efficiently dealt with a terrible roommate situation. They then paired me with a new roommate which was an excellent fit and we are now best friends.

The grounds are well kept and the maintenance staff is excellent and gets work done immediately. The apartments are extremely quiet except for the occasional noise that college kids will make, but what else do you expect when you live in college housing? The apartments are close to campus and make for an effortless commute. All in all I have loved my experience here at EnVision and highly recommend them to anybody whom is interested.

-Kay Wegs, 5 Stars

Living with the wrong person can quickly turn into a total nightmare — our Akron apartments understand that roommate compatibility is essential to a harmonious, smooth and enjoyable living situation. That’s why we do everything in our power to help out in sticky roommate situations like these. Thank you for all of the kind words and your thorough review, Kay!

The Best Value Right Next To The University of Akron

Another Great Experience From A Local Guide

Modern, clean, great location.”

-Nathan Keith, Local Guide, 5 Stars

Short, sweet, and to the point — we can appreciate a concise but kind review like that. Thanks, Nathan. We’ve found that student apartments (and even other Akron apartments in general) tend to be too antiquated. Having modern and clean units is important, as is a location that’s right across the street from campus.

Learn More About Other Experiences Or Share Your Own Today!

Perhaps you have a friend currently living at the EnVision apartments or maybe you’re here now and you’re considering renewing your lease. If you or your friends are up to it, you can give us your personal feedback through our resident satisfaction survey. Otherwise, you’re always welcome to leave a review via Google! As we’re always looking to improve our Akron apartments and enhance every University of Akron students’ experience with us, we deeply and greatly appreciate feedback of any kind. Questions? Contact us directly.