Any pet owner knows that home wouldn’t quite be the same without their pet. However, pet-friendly apartment communities can be difficult to find, and oftentimes come with a higher price tag. But this isn’t true at EnVision Apartments. We offer competitively priced, luxury apartments in a community that’s made up of our renters and their pets because we understand that home isn’t home without your best friend. 

Read on to learn more about what it’s like to live in a pet-friendly apartment community like ours. When you’re ready to schedule a tour, reach out to the team at EnVision Apartments in Akron today. 

Living With Your Pet Has Health Benefits

Did you know that living with a pet can have health benefits? It’s true! Living with your pet may help with depression and anxiety. Just think about how their smiling face is always there to greet you when you walk in the door, how they are always happy to lend a listening ear, and they never judge you by your appearance. 

Pets can also help you stay active and fit which has many health benefits. When living in an apartment, it can be easy to relax inside all day or sit down at the computer for hours at a time for school or work, but when you live with a pet, they can encourage you to spend more time outdoors taking leisurely strolls or even jogs.  

Your Pet Can Help You Be More Social

You love your pet. Your cat, dog, lizard, or goldfish is the absolute cutest and most loveable pet that you’ve ever met. Since every pet owner typically feels this way about their own pet, it’s an easy topic to bond over. 

Do you have a dog? Take a walk and let your dog meet other dogs, you’ll most likely strike up a conversation with one of your neighbors as your dogs play together. Pets help you connect with people that you may not have otherwise. 

Remember that Apartment Living Can be a Change for Pets Too

While living with your pet can help you be healthier, more social, and happier, you have to remember that if your pet hasn’t lived in an apartment before, it can take time for them to adjust, especially if they had previously lived in a house with a backyard. 

Pets require exercise, attention, and may need time to get used to the noises of having neighbors above, below, and on the side of them. As their best friend, it’s your job to help them adjust to apartment living, so that they can also live a happy, healthy, and social life. 

Schedule a Tour of Our Pet-Friendly Apartments in Akron

Are you searching for a pet-friendly apartment community? Look no further than EnVision Apartments. Our luxury Akron apartments are loaded with amenities and features like free internet and cable, included utilities, granite countertops, lots of outdoor space, and so much more. You and your pet are sure to love our pet-friendly, luxury apartments. Reach out today to schedule a tour.