What To Keep In Mind When You’re Student Apartment Shopping

It’s a classic case of procrastination, no different than putting off that final paper or cramming in eight hours worth of studying the night before a midterm. You’ve enjoyed your current student housing situation, but perhaps you’re looking for something closer to campus, a pet-friendly arrangement, or even just better overall value. However, being as swamped as college students tend to get, you haven’t placed student apartment shopping at the top of your priority list.

Being Responsible And Staying On Top Of Your Life

Between studying for exams, writing papers, meeting up with classmates for group projects, keeping up with your parents, exercising and focusing on your health, and somehow maintaining a social life during all of this madness, you probably haven’t put too much thought into where you’re going to live during your next lease period. Of course, any experienced college student knows that list is barely the half of it; who knows what else life is going to throw at you?

The Sensible, No-Stress Solution For Akron Apartments

Our point: it not only pays to apartment shop early, well before your current lease is up, but also to find a student apartment near the University of Akron that specifically caters to students just like you. As it turns out, your situation is shared situation among thousands of other undergraduate (and even graduate) students, and that’s why the EnVision Apartments wants to make student apartment shopping a no-brainer for the Akron community.

Located just a short walk away from the heart of campus, we pride ourselves on being a flexible student housing solution that makes living near campus as easy and convenient as possible. Apartment features like no utility caps, cat and dog-friendly arrangements, on-site parking, and the fastest internet in the campus area separate the EnVision apartments from other Akron apartments in the area. Experience the EnVision difference for yourself by scheduling a tour today and make your next lease a worry-free experience!

Helping You Find A Place That You’ll Truly Love

Though our Akron apartment complex is rather confident that we have all of our bases covered in these departments, we’re dedicating today’s blog post to cover some useful criteria that University of Akron students like you should look out for when finding the ideal student apartment. Let’s take a look.

First, A No-Brainer: Is It Close To Campus?

You might find a really nice place for rent on the other side of Akron – but at what cost? If you’re driving to campus every single day, navigating the crowds of pedestrians and paying exorbitant amounts of money to park your car near the heart of campus, then you’re doing it wrong. Catching multiple bus routes and enduring a commute to campus that totals an hour or more also just doesn’t make sense.

You’re a busy college student. Make the most of your time! Walking to class in a matter of minutes is absolutely essential to a great student apartment.

What’s The Utility Breakdown?

Fairly cheap rent may be an attractive prospect when considering other Akron apartments, but steep utility costs – even for an apartment complex – may have you wishing that you moved into the EnVision Apartments instead. Trust us when we say that it’s a good feeling to settle in somewhere and use all of your appliances and other apartment amenities as you please without having to worry about how much it’s going to cost. Fixed living costs make tight budgeting as a student just that much easier, and really, if you ask us, that’s how apartment rentals should be.

What’s The Roommate Breakdown?

Living alone during college just doesn’t make sense. Sure, if you’re a mature, young professional who makes enough money to live on your own, that’s one thing. However, learning how to live with other people and learning and growing together throughout your undergraduate college experience is something that everyone should experience. With three distinct floor plans at the EnVision Apartments, we have options for two and three bedroom apartments.

Do You Want A Fully Furnished Apartment?

If you have a bunch of furniture that you’ll hold onto well after college is done and over with, then that’s great. However, if you’re an international student or you’re traveling to the University of Akron without any furniture, the EnVision Apartments also offer plenty of fully furnished units that feel like a more mature, graduated and spacious version of a dorm room. Again, you already have plenty of things to worry about as a University of Akron student. Why go furniture shopping and sweat your apartment logistics when we’ve already figured out everything for you?

Live Right Across From The University of Akron

Do You Want To Take Your Pet With You?

Of course you do: the answer to that question is simple and obvious. Whether you’re bringing a cat or dog along with you to Akron from your parent’s house or you somehow adopted a friendly pet during your time as a freshman on campus, feel free to bring them along with you! Well, at least, when you’re living at the EnVision Apartments – we can’t speak for other apartments in Akron.

Do You Want An Apartment Complex That’s Well-Equipped?

A fully furnished unit is one thing, but shared community amenities are also very important. Though you’ll probably be spending the majority of your time as a University of Akron student on campus, you’ll also want to come back home for some well-deserved R&R. Complete with an on-site tanning booth, state-of-the-art fitness center, on-site parking, and other desirable amenities, skip the gym membership when you’re living at the EnVision Apartments.

Enjoy The Greatest College Experience Possible At Our Akron Apartments!

This is college that we’re talking about – these experiences will provide valuable knowledge and memories that last a lifetime. Why spend your time in college worrying about where you’re going to live next, or settling for a less-than-perfect Akron apartment? To us, college students deserve more than an average living situation. Live your best life at the University of Akron by moving into the EnVision Apartments today!