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If you’re a student at the University of Akron, and you’re hoping to live off-campus next semester, let EnVision Apartments help you find the perfect spot. We offer outstanding amenities, and you’ll be close to both campus and your favorite downtown Akron spots!

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Better Living at Our Akron Apartments

We provide world-class accommodations and facilities to help you succeed academically, during your job search, and even after you’ve landed your ideal job. Your living environment can have a significant influence on your academic achievement, personal life, and profession. We offer study lounges, Maggie’s Cafe, and lots of other great options to help you succeed.

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Better Apartment Facilities

EnVision offers furnished apartments, all-inclusive utilities, granite countertops, hardwood floors, and more. You’ll have cable and high-speed internet, as well as the peace of mind that comes with our secure electronic entry system. We offer on-site parking, and you can bring your furry friend to live with you as well!

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On-Site Fitness Center and Laundry

Our apartment building offers an on-site fitness center and laundry facilities, so you can get your workout in and your clothes clean on the same day! No more worrying about finding a local gym to join or searching for a laundromat (or taking your clothes home each weekend) — our on-site amenities make college life much easier and more affordable!

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Find Your New Place Downtown

At EnVision, we want you to have the best living experience during your college years. You can live in the heart of downtown Akron, just steps from campus and close to some of the best facilities and restaurants. You can create memories and build relationships, all while enjoying some of the best amenities you’ll ever find in an apartment building.

Learn More About Us

In many respects, off-campus living can be superior to on-campus living, and with the amenities provided at EnVision Apartments, we know you’ll enjoy your time here. Contact us today to learn more!