1. Things to Do Before Leaving Your Apartment for Winter Break

    The holidays are quickly approaching here in Akron which means that it’s time to start preparing for the trips back home to visit family. Between making sure that everything fits in your suitcase and preparing for finals, the last thing on your mind is the condition of your apartment. With that be…Read More

  2. Great Gifts to Give Your Roommates

    The holidays are nearly here! That means that it’s time to wrap up those last few gifts so that they’re ready to handout when Christmas comes around. If you haven’t found the perfect gift for your roommates, then you’re in luck. The team at EnVision Apartments is going to dedicate today’s …Read More

  3. Managing Stress During Finals

    There’s no doubt about it, the last couple of weeks of the semester are always stressful. These weeks are loaded with hours skimming through study guides, finishing up group projects, editing multiple page essays, and trying to manage the mundane tasks that keep you alive (like eating and sleeping…Read More

  4. Organizational Tips for Living With Roommates

    Sharing an apartment with your closest friends can either be the best thing that you’ve ever done or a nightmare waiting to happen. At EnVision Apartments in Akron, we want to ensure that all of our residents have the very best year with their roommates. That’s why, in today’s blog, we are goi…Read More

  5. Questions to Ask When Touring Apartments

    Finding a place to live isn’t always an easy process. With as many student housing options as there are for students at the University of Akron, the last thing that you want is to wind up in a place that is less than desirable. If you’re going to be setting aside some time to visit apartments in…Read More

  6. Start The Fall Semester Off On The Right Foot (With Our Help)

    Monday, August 26th officially kicks off the Fall 2019 academic semester for University of Akron students. If you’re here reading this, that probably means you!  Though summer is a season cherished by all students, college and otherwise, the first day of a brand new semester offers a completely f…Read More

  7. More Move-In Advice For Our Akron Student Apartment Community

    With the kick-off of the fall semester only a few weeks away at this point, EnVision Apartments in Akron wants to make sure that our student apartment community has the tools and resources necessary to help you embark on the most successful semester to date. You’re here to learn and further your a…Read More