If you’re a returning student here at the University of Akron, you might find it hard to believe that the upcoming fall semester is only a few weeks away — but it’s true! Though we’re sure that you’re enjoying what remains of the summer (and please, soak up that summer sun while you can!), our Akron student apartment community is gearing up for another academic year filled with good times, great people, and of course, plenty of learning. 

Maybe this is your first year at the University of Akron after the dorms, and you’re ready to settle into a student apartment near campus that offers the freedom of being off-campus with the flexibility and convenience of being right across the street. If so, we have good news for you: you’re in good hands! 

To help newcomers and long-time Akron residents alike have a smooth move-in (a smooth-in?) this fall, keep reading below in today’s blog post for some useful move-in tips and tricks. 

Move-In Tips For Our Student Apartments Near The University of Akron

Mark Your Belongings

Writing on the boxes that you’ve used to pack your clothing, personal items, and other belongings can help you save a considerable amount of time when going to unpack everything. This way, you’ll know the rough area where each box or container should go, and then you can start unloading these items knowing precisely where they belong. 

Be Proactive

As you settle into your student apartment, get to know your roommate(s), and get familiar with your class schedule, you’ll want to make sure that you have ample time to do so. It’s always better to take your time and enjoy the move-in process than it is to rush, put things off until the last moment, and find yourself scrambling to transport your bed and mattress the night before your first class. 

Sure, no one particularly enjoys moving, but by moving in the day your new lease begins, you’ll be in a great place come the first day of school. 

Where You Live During College Matters

Get To Know Your Neighbors

If you see other students getting a proactive start on their move, don’t be afraid to say hi and even offer your hand moving a piece of furniture. Since EnVision Apartments are student apartments near the University of Akron, you’re going to be surrounded by fellow like-minded students with similar academic goals. You might as well connect and develop friendships early on — you’ll never know when these acquaintances may help you!

Stock Up On Essential Supplies Before Classes Start

Though “syllabus week” usually doesn’t involve too much schoolwork (compared to the weeks to come), it’s important to get a strong start by being prepared for your classes before they start. In this, you’ll want to make sure that everything at your student apartment is settled and well-stocked. 

From basic household items like toothpaste and toilet paper to decorations and furniture, make your life easier the first week of the semester by making sure that you’re settled in at home. 

Looking For Great Student Apartments In Akron? 

EnVision Apartments offer something for all University of Akron students. To schedule a tour or lock down on a great lease, please get in touch with our office today. 

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