Finding a place to live isn’t always an easy process. With as many student housing options as there are for students at the University of Akron, the last thing that you want is to wind up in a place that is less than desirable. If you’re going to be setting aside some time to visit apartments in the area, you want to make sure that you’re prepared to ask all of the questions needed to determine if that living quarters is a good match or if you need to keep looking. 

In today’s blog, the team at EnVision Apartments is going to go over a few of the questions that you should be asking when visiting apartments. Let’s jump right in!

What is the cost of rent?

One of the very first things that you’re going to want to ask is the cost of rent. There are certain complexes that won’t put this information on their website or in their marketing materials, which can leave you touring places that are way out of your budget. To make sure that the apartment that you’re visiting is something you can afford, make sure to lead with questions that cover the cost of living at that particular apartment complex.

Are pets allowed?

If you have a furry friend that you plan on living with, you absolutely must ask whether or not pets are allowed at the complex. Each complex is different, so it’s best not to assume that they’re all pet-friendly. At some complexes, you may find that only one type of animal is welcome while others are not. Other complexes may have you pay a pet deposit fee as well as add an additional charge on to your monthly rate. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so if you are going to be moving in with a pet, make sure you ask this sooner than later.

What amenities does the complex have?

One of the main selling points of every apartment complex is  the amenities that are available on the property. If there are particular amenities that you’re looking for, like a gym, it’s good to ask about what amenities you’ll have access to. The amenities of an apartment complex can also be the factor that makes or breaks whether or not you choose to live at a complex, so having these items to stack up against one another is always nice. 

Take Time to Visit EnVision Apartments

The questions that we’ve listed above are only three of the questions that could help to determine whether or not a complex will be a good fit for you. Before you head over to a property to tour an apartment, spend some time creating questions that would make or break your decision to move in somewhere. Having this on hand while touring a place will allow you to make a logical decision that you appreciate later on.

If you’re looking for a luxurious apartment complex to move into, look no further than the gorgeous student housing options at EnVision Apartments in Akron. We take pride in our spacious room layouts, gorgeous furnishings, useful amenities, and overall quality of living that we offer on our property. Contact our office today if you’re interested in scheduling a tour of our apartments or if you’d like to ask questions prior to scheduling a tour. Our staff is always happy to help!