There’s an age-old debate between studying at home versus studying at the library or somewhere else on campus. Well, this debacle isn’t necessarily age-old, per se, but it is a distinct point of contention among the collegiate crowd. Some students swear by studying at a certain spot on campus, others are able to focus just about anywhere.

Let’s say that your classes for the day are canceled for some arbitrary reason, but you still have a couple of midterm exams on the horizon. You might not feel like taking on the short walk to school just to find a good study spot, but you’re concerned that you may feel distracted whilst studying at our student apartments in Akron. What should you do?

At the end of the day, whatever works for you is what’s most important. But if you’re looking for a few tips to create a great study environment at your Akron apartment, you’re in the right place.

Keep reading below for a few practical study space tips, and feel free to get in touch with EnVision Apartments if you have any questions!

Preparing For Midterms At Our Student Apartments In Akron

Focus With Music Or Ambient Noise

Investing in a quality pair of headphones or earbuds is a must for any college student. Of course, we assume that you have at least one pair at this point, which is good because you’ll want to put these distraction-blockers to use.

While some people can focus on what they’re reading or solving while listening to music with lyrics, we recommend instrumental music like classical or lo-fi hip-hop beats — something that’s playing more “in the background.” Ambient noise or white noise is always a great way to go as well.

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Get Up, Walk Around And Take Short, Timed Breaks

You’re bound to get restless if you stay laying in bed or seated at your desk. Every 45 minutes to an hour, make sure to get up, stretch, walk around, drink some water, make some tea or coffee, and sit down somewhere else in your student apartment to study.

Put On “Real” Clothes (Not Pajamas)

Half the fun of studying at our Akron apartments is being able to stay in your PJs, right? That’s true, but there’s something about staying in this ultra-comfy outfit that tends to make us feel a little bit lazy. By putting on actual pants and a shirt that you would feel comfortable going outside with, it tricks your mind into thinking that you’re heading out to tackle the day…even though you’re tackling the day inside.

Go Outside And Experience The Light Of Day

On that note, put your non-pajama outfit to use and get out the door, even if it’s just for five or ten minutes. Absorbing a little sunlight and breathing in some fresh air is a good thing, and temporarily getting away from your study environment will reinvigorate your mind. If you’re feeling stuck on something, taking a brief walk outside is one of the best ways to de-stress. Then, you can come back feeling recharged and ready to hit the books once again.

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