In the aftermath of the “big chill” as a result of the Great Polar Vortex of 2019, you’ve probably struggled to get back in the normal swing of classes. With several weeks in a row of classes with little to no break leading up to midterms, visualizing the next month or two can seem a little daunting. Holiday break is long gone, and now it’s time to roll up your academic sleeves and truly get to work.

As your workload continues to multiply in the coming weeks, it’s important to stay calm, manage your stress, and take care of your racing mind in order to stay on track. An overloaded brain is an unhappy brain, and you’re not doing yourself any good by forcing yourself to absorb information when your brain just doesn’t want to anymore.

Advice From Our Student Apartments In Akron: Take Care Of Your Brain!

EnVision Apartments, your friendly 2 and 3 bedroom student apartments near the University of Akron, urge you to work some “brain breaks” into your daily schedule. It’ll only help you study more efficiently, so it’s completely worthwhile to step back and give yourself a chance to mentally breathe.

Here are a few frequently overlooked yet remarkably simple ways to keep your cool when the going gets tough.

Tips To Give Your Brain A Break When You’re Feeling Overloaded

(Bundle Up) And Take A Walk Outside

We understand that you need to put in long hours at the library, lab, or elsewhere on campus in order to excel at your classes, but spending too long inside of a building can adversely affect your mental health. You’d be surprised at what some fresh air could do to your mental state; even five to ten minutes spent taking a stroll around campus can really do you some good.

You’ll return to your study spot feeling refreshed and ready to go. Better yet, if you’ve been stuck on something, the simple act of walking will help you naturally work through these clogged-up thoughts.

Where You Live During College Matters

Have Some Healthy Snacks On Hand

It’s easy to lose your mental focus and physical energy when you’ve deprived your body of quality nutrition. Don’t rely on Subway at the nearby cafeteria to keep your brain and body nourished. Take some trail mix with you in a to-go bag, along with dried fruit, dark chocolate, water or a low-sugar electrolyte drink mix, and some carrots and hummus.

Break Your Time Into Smaller Pieces

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re tackling an entire chapter of your textbooks at a time. Break your workload up into smaller, more manageable chunks. You’ll feel more accomplished and motivated as you complete these small chunks, and ultimately, you’ll be more productive.

Relax At Our Student Apartments In Akron

When you’re ready to plop your head on your pillows and pass out from a long and mentally demanding day, rest assured knowing that we’re just a short walk away from the heart of campus. If there’s anything that EnVision Apartments can do to help foster your academic success, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

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