After a long day (and night) spent studying on campus, it’s absolutely imperative that you unwind and “unplug” your brain for a little while. Everyone has a different way of decompressing at the end of a challenging academic day here at the University of Akron. Whether you’re playing Super Smash Bros. with your roommates, going downtown to grab a drink with some friends, or simply listening to music alone in your room, spending time not studying as a student is just about as important as studying itself. Who would’ve known?

Another surefire way to take your mind off of stressful coursework is to get home and play with a pet. Cat or dog (but not necessarily CatDog — we apologize), these furry companions offer a number of incredible stress-relieving benefits that help you maintain your sanity as you navigate your college experience. Let’s admit: having a fish or a mini-aquarium at home is fun and all, but watching a fish swim around is only entertaining for so long. Try taking your fish for a walk around the block and tell us how that one goes.

Your Source For Pet-Friendly Student Apartments In Akron

If you’ve read our post until this point and you’re wondering “Ok, so then the EnVision Apartments must be pet-friendly if they’re talking about the benefits of living with a pet as a college student,” then you’d be correct, insightful reader! We’ve actually been cat-friendly in the past, and recently, we proudly extended our pet policy to include dogs! Recognizing the value that dogs and cats bring to University of Akron students like you, the EnVision Apartments are proud to bring you the joy of pet ownership. Have your fellow canine or feline join you in your request for the ultimate University of Akron student housing today!

There are restrictions and additional fees that apply — contact us to learn more about our pet policy.

Below, our Akron apartments near campus offer some great reasons to own a cat or dog during college.

You’ll Have Something To Occupy Your Mind

If the stress of hardcore academia is continuing to weigh you down and, as much as you want to, you just can’t seem to get your mind off of school-related matters, owning a pet could do wonders for you. The cathartic quality of pets is a bit of an ineffable mystery — however, there’s just something reassuring and calming about petting an animal. The best part? They love it just as much as you enjoy petting them. Really, owning a pet is just a win-win situation.

It Helps Teach Responsibility And Time-Management Skills

Generally speaking, there are two pet ownership levels as far as time involvement is concerned: owning a cat, and owning a dog. The cat level is fairly simple; this requires relatively minimal time spent at home with a pet that can take care of themselves most of the time. Dog level pet ownership requires you to be a lot more involved, naturally. By splitting your time studying at the University of Akron and at home just steps away from main campus, you’ll learn how to treat your dog with the attention that they deserve while completing all of your schoolwork. Sure, it’s a challenge being a pet owner as an already-busy college student, but you can do it. The fact that our Akron apartments are literally just minutes away from campus will help you maximize your valuable time! Again, everyone wins in this situation.

Feeling Homesick? You’ll Have A Great Distraction

We’re not suggesting that you adopt a dog or get a cat solely to cope with being lonely or homesick away from your family back home. Ideally, you should branch out and get connected with various communities at the University of Akron, because hey, it’s college! This is the ideal time to meet new people.

However, even the strongest, most independent college students can succumb to being homesick. Having a friendly face around your student apartment will not only give you something to look forward to when you’ve been gone for awhile, but the presence of a pet will provide a family member as a roommate without your mom or dad actually living with you. Of course, no college student in their right mind would bunk down with their parents. But a cute little dog or cat? The only drawback we can identify is that they probably won’t help you pay rent. The travesty!

Having A Pet Keeps Your Happiness In Check

It’s true. All around the world, cats and dogs have brought their owners a great sense of pride in their domesticated mammals, helping support their overall happiness and even purpose in life. When you’re stressed out sweating the small stuff, it’s the unquestionably unconditional love from pets that helps us stay rational and realize that life is pretty good. Yes, that even includes all of our ambitious double majors at the University of Akron.

Choose Our Pet-Friendly Akron Apartments Near Campus!

Why be forced to leave your childhood dog or cat at your parents’ house when you can bring them here to Akron? Don’t let the wrong living situation determine your pet status. At our Akron apartments, we’re ready to get you and your pet situated into an upscale, comfortable and convenient living setup that’s just right across the street from the University of Akron. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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