1. What It’s Like Living in Our Pet-Friendly Apartments

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  2. Decorating Your Apartment on a Budget

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  3. Things to Look for in a New Apartment in Akron

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  4. Apartment Hunting Tips

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  5. Welcome the New Year in Akron With a New Year’s Resolution

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  6. Celebrating the 2020 Holiday Season at Your Akron Apartment

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  7. Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving in Your Akron Apartment

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  8. The Benefits of Roommate Matching

    Are you ready to move into a new apartment but are in need of a roommate? At many apartment communities like EnVision Apartment in Akron, you may be able to utilize roommate matching services. These services match you with someone to share an apartment with that has similar interests as you so that …Read More

  9. How to Choose the Right Floor Plan for You Part 2

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  10. How to Choose the Right Floor Plan for You Part 1

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