I am very happy

I have been living out of my mother’s house for two years now. Last year I lived in a brand new residence hall, South hall, on my school campus, The University of Akron. I very much liked living in my dorm last year, however I am very happy with my switch to the Envisions apartments. It is less expensive, so much so that I am able to pay my rent without dependency on my mother for financial help. It is also located very close to South hall, so I feel like I am practically still living on campus. If I wanted to, I could easily walk to campus for my classes or down the street to one of the multiple businesses for food, gas, etc.

The safety system is also to par with South hall, which is credited by the University for its safety. For both residences there is a front door lock to the building in addition to the individual locks for each individual living space. There are also often cops that patrol around the area to watch out for us. For each of our individual bedrooms in the Envisions apartments we have our own locks and keys as well. I personally live in the building near the back of the establishment, and the parking lot where I keep my car is fenced in, separated from the rest of the houses and buildings in the area. I actually get to have the feeling of security from living in the Envisions apartments, which is a big deal to have when living in the Akron area, which has been known to be a bit “sketchy”. Living here I get the enjoyment of not living with the nerve racking feeling of being in a sketchy area.

Aesthetically I get to enjoy the courtyard areas, where I can sit outside with friends when Ohio has its occasional good weather. It has also been a friendly place to live in, with many pleasant encounters with neighbors as well as interacting with and receiving help from the staff of the Envisions apartments. All and all my year-long living experience in the Envisions apartments has been a very pleasant one, which is why, even with the many other living options I could find in or near the Akron area, I have already decided to continue my residency here for another year and I am very happy with my decision to do so.

Rachael Welday