I place my highest recommendation to the EnVision apartments

I have lived at the EnVision apartments for almost a year now and I am very satisfied with my stay here. I was so pleased with my stay throughout my first lease term, that I even resigned my lease, and I will be staying another year at EnVision. The office staff is super friendly, they go above and beyond to help out any residents, and they do whatever they can to ensure the best stay at EnVision. The rates for the apartments are unbeatable; they seem to be better than all of the competitors, and the apartments are very nice, modern and a pleasure to live in. I love the fitness facility, Maggie’s café, and the free printing is a wonderful touch for the students that live there.

I feel extremely safe at the apartments, and I love that EnVision has many safety features for the residents as well. Upon my move in, I received the phone number to the police officers that patrol the property every night, I see them out every night and they are super friendly, but they aren’t afraid to be stern if needed, although it is never necessary. With the key fob system that EnVision uses, it is nice to know that not just anyone can get into our buildings, and it puts my mind at ease knowing that we’re protected by a magnetic key system and very reliable police officers. I love living at EnVision, and I will be planning on resigning my lease again. I place my highest recommendation to the EnVision apartments, and it’s definitely a complex I would get my friends to live at.

Kori Andress