1. I am very happy

    I have been living out of my mother’s house for two years now. Last year I lived in a brand new residence hall, South hall, on my school campus, The University of Akron. I very much liked living in my dorm last year, however I am very happy with my switch to the Envisions apartments. It is less expensive, so much so that I am able to pay my rent without dependency on my mother for financial help…Read More

    Rachael Welday
  2. I place my highest recommendation to the EnVision apartments

    I have lived at the EnVision apartments for almost a year now and I am very satisfied with my stay here. I was so pleased with my stay throughout my first lease term, that I even resigned my lease, and I will be staying another year at EnVision. The office staff is super friendly, they go above and beyond to help out any residents, and they do whatever they can to ensure the best stay at EnVision.…Read More

    Kori Andress
  3. I really enjoy living here

    I have been leasing an apartment for roughly a year now and enjoyed living here enough to renew my lease for another year. The apartments are well-constructed and I have never had an issue with noises from neighbors. It is super comforting knowing that there are Akron police officers keeping the complex safe, but what sold me on these apartments a year ago were the locked entrance doors that are u…Read More

    Tricia Kauser-McMillen
  4. Envision has made the apartment a great work environment

    While staying in Envision I have found great friends. Envision has made the apartment a great work environment by having a Internet Cafe and study lounges. They also make sure that the workout facility is always clean and ready to use throughout the day. Been living here for 3 years now.…Read More

    Andrew Sweat
  5. I couldn’t think of a better place to stay.

    Living in Envision has been one of the best experiences I have had while in college. Though I am off campus, it never feels that way. I am literally at 3 min walk away from campus. Also, the staff organizes many events to allow residents to meet each other, making Envision a true community. I couldn’t think of a better place to stay.…Read More

    Nate Huff