Check Out This Unconventional But Valuable Advice For College Students

If anyone ever tells you that the college experience should be easy, don’t listen to them. Yes, your four (or five) years as an undergraduate should be nothing shy of a near-magical, hilariously fun developmental period in your life where you learn a lot about yourself, your interests, your strengths, and others around you. However, college is designed to be a challenge — from balancing your social life to spending enough hours studying to ace your exams and making arrangements with classmates to complete projects, there tends to be quite a bit on the average college student’s plate.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s okay to admit that you’re stressed or overwhelmed. In fact, dealing with many things going on at once will help you prepare for effectively deal with these kinds of things in the “real world” outside of college. As long as you’re not stressing over where you’re going to live next during your time at the University of Akron, we’re confident that you’ll do rather well!

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The EnVision Apartments provide stunning two and three bedroom student apartments near the University of Akron designed for…well, students like you! Pet-friendly and utilities included (with no caps!), the most important piece of advice that we can offer in today’s blog post is that where you live during your time in college matters. Why not make it somewhere that’s well-valued, well-equipped, and right across the street from campus? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Above, we began by saying that it’s perfectly fine to accept that your time in college, while rewarding, should be very challenging. In this vein of unconventional but useful advice for college students, we’re going to continue touching on some more advice below. If you have any questions for the EnVision Apartments, drop us a line today or schedule a tour with us!

Don’t Be Afraid To Switch Majors And Learn New Things

Now is the time to experiment with your higher education — to an appropriate extent, at least. Many students find themselves going into college dead set on majoring in something, but find that they don’t like it. Switching majors is not only fairly common and normal, but perfectly acceptable. If anyone tells you that switching majors is bad perhaps they’ve switched majors too many times themselves.

But really, you’re young. This is the perfect time to discover what you enjoy studying, and (eventually) build a successful career out of it!

Your G.P.A. Won’t Make Or Break Your Career

Sure, you should strive to achieve a high grade point average, but don’t lose sleep over whether you’re going to end up with a 3.7 versus a 3.75 at the end of your Sophomore year. What matters the most is whether or not you graduated with a relevant degree in the eyes of your future employer(s), not an egotistical chase of academic perfection. Again, we encourage students to try their hardest and achieve academic excellence, but don’t burn yourself out and beat yourself up over a “B” or “C” here and there.

Where You Live During College Matters

Acknowledge That College Is More Than Completing Credits And Receiving Grades

On top of not fretting about your G.P.A. comes the important point that college is largely about the experience itself, well beyond what you experience in the classroom or lecture hall. From meeting new friends to going to parties to developing professional connections that might begin to pave your professional future, view your time as an undergraduate as an ideal opportunity to learn more about yourself and focus on personal development. Also, build up your peers!

Don’t Underestimate The Value Of Communication

Communicating and coordinating with various classmates on a group project or study group is one thing, but effective communication with your future co-workers in a professional setting is something else entirely. Know that communication skills only get more important later in life, and your time spent as an undergrad is a great chance to exercise and improve upon these skills.

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