The old cliché always seems to ring true: time is money. Perhaps money is time. Either way you look at it, your time spent studying as a college student will eventually lead to a degree, which then (ideally) leads you to a lucrative career in your chosen area of study. So, how you manage your time as an undergraduate or graduate student at the University of Akron absolutely matters. After all, being a student is your primary, full-time job. Leveraging any tools or tips that you can use to your advantage is certainly well within your academic interests!

Apartments Near The University Of Akron

When we say “near” the University of Akron, what we really mean is that the EnVision Apartments are “literally right across the street from main campus.” That’s how we can help you save valuable time in your daily life as a student here in Akron — by providing well-equipped, upscale student apartments in Akron that only require a few minutes of walking to reach all of your classes.

You’ll be spending great deals of time with your face deep in a textbook, scratching your head as you’re writing a paper, or organizing your life trying to figure out what you’re going to eat for the next week. Why spend unnecessary amounts of time getting to and from school? Our University of Akron off campus housing experts have you covered. Get started by getting in touch with us if you have any questions, or scheduling a personal tour of our apartments today!

Below, the EnVision Apartments offer several practical and useful time-saving tips especially for University of Akron students like you. Let’s take a look.

Don’t Put Too Much On Your Plate

Having too much to do will almost certainly stretch your time too thin. Who would’ve known? If you have 38 hours worth of work and obligations packed into a 24-hour day, then you’re doing it wrong. Beginning each day with a clearly defined schedule that includes a realistic amount of work and obligations will help set you up for success. Just make sure to…

Take Breaks When Necessary

Not only will taking frequent breaks help you avoid early fatigue and overall academic burnout, but you’ll also be using your time more efficiently. Why? That’s because working hard without any breaks will progressively reduce your focus, comprehension, and general ability to learn the subject material at hand. Taking breaks as you’re studying will also help support your physical health as much as it benefits your mental health. Speaking of which…

Take Care Of Your Health!

Do you really want to spend two days in quarantine just because you’re battling a major cold? Yes, illness often strikes without any warning, but don’t waste valuable time fighting something that you’ve brought on yourself by neglecting your physical health and wellbeing. Taking a little extra time each day to make sure that you’re eating healthy, drinking plenty of liquids, moderately exercising, getting a proper 7-8 hours of sleep each night, and having at least some extent of a social life are conducive to good health and energy.

Plan Out Each Day The Night Before

Particular about your outfit? Lay it out the night before. Can’t remember what’s on the schedule for tomorrow? Use a digital planner or calendar app and see what’s on tap for the next day. Set your intentions the night before, but make sure not to lose sleep or spend too much time dwelling on what’s to come — don’t forget to live in the “now!” Effective time management includes setting realistic goals and the mindset to achieve these goals before it’s time to set your plans into action.

Don’t Try To Do Too Much At One Time

What’s the term that we’re looking for? It’s on the tip of our tongues…oh yeah, multitasking. We like to think that we can do nine different tasks at the same time, and that we’re doing them pretty dang well. In exceptional and rare cases, that may be true. However, the truth is that the majority of the time, our brains process information better if we focus more of our attention on one task at a time. Not only are you more likely to complete more tasks when you go one-at-a-time, but you’ll also be more likely to do them the right way. That’s how things should be!

Don’t Be Afraid To Say “No”

When it comes to not putting too much on your plate, saying “no” will be your best friend. If you agreed to every single thing that was asked of you, then you’re bound to disappoint some people — or at least, do some things half-heartedly. Really, don’t be afraid to be honest with people when they ask you to commit to something. You’re a student, first and foremost. Saying “I’m sorry, I have too much to study tonight” is a completely valid response to your roommate’s request to go out on the town. You’re not being lame; you’re being responsible.

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